Instrument Levels

Student Series

Crafted with durable materials with ease of playability in mind. They offer impeccable quality at the best value you can find. That’s why Strobel Student Series Instruments are a trusted favorite of both educators and students alike.

Recital Series

Offering the advancing player amazing tone and playability. Each Recital Series instrument is made from hand-crafted tonewoods and high grade fittings for instruments that are as visually beautiful as they sound.

Master Series

Crafted from select hand-carved tonewoods, gorgeous fittings and provide unique antique finishes. The amazing projection and tone of each instrument is ideal for the more serious musician.

Limited Edition Series

Hand-carved from premium tonewoods specifically chosen for their outstanding acoustic qualities. Gorgeous finishes and fittings, upgraded case and bows all in one package and an instrument that will provide unbelievably beautiful sound and ease of playability for years.